Unique Functional Products (UFP) Support Documents

Catalog (67.5 MB) Disc Brake Model DB35 Service Manual (193 KB)
A-60 Brochure (1.42 MB) Double Eye Spring Attachment Hardware Diagram (32.8 KB)
A-60, A-70, and A-84 Service Manual (700 KB) Parking Brake Field Adjustment Instructions (180 KB)
A-160 Service Manual (550 KB) Single Axle and Tandem Axle Diagram (35.2 KB)
Bearing and Seal Brochure (3.05 MB) Trailer Buddy Axle Brochure (3.65 MB)
Bearing Lube Axle Service Manual (480 KB) Trailer Buddy Axle Gold Series Service Manual (138 KB)
Breakaway Cable Routing Instructions (188 KB) Trailer Buddy Axle Service Manual (249 KB)
C-50 Service Manual (298 KB) Trailer Buddy Disc Brake Service Manual (1.1 MB)
C-200 Service Manual (322 KB) Trailer Buddy Vault Axle Service Manual (278 KB)
Coupler Brochure (2.62 MB) Vault Brochure (1.63 MB)
Disc Brake Brochure (3.46 MB) Vault Filling Instructions (976 KB)

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