Dexter Axle Support Documents

600LB-8K Catalog (8.68 MB) E-H Actuator Wiring Schematic (116 KB)
1K-7K Marine Catalog (5 MB) Electric Brake Troubleshooting Chart (486 KB)
9K-15K Catalog (2.7 MB) Extreme Duty Torflex Brochure (344 KB)
22.5K-27.5K Catalog (2.03 MB) E-Z Flex Suspension System Brochure (688 KB)
Parts Kit Catalog (3.23 MB) E-Z Lube Lubrication System Brochure (150 KB)
600LB-8K Service Manual (1.55 MB) HAP Kits Warranty Coverage Brochure (125 KB)
9K-15K Service Manual (1.38 MB) Heavy Duty Suspension System Brochure (179 KB)
22.5K-27.5K Service Manual (850 KB) Hydraulic Brake Troubleshooting Chart (491 KB)
3.5K Disc Brake Mounting Instructions (99.5 KB) Hydraulic Surge Brake Actuators Brochure (178 KB)
6K-8K Disc Brake Mounting Instructions (356 KB) Leaf Spring Axle Brochure (272 KB)
Agricultural Axles Brochure (193 KB) Maintenance Schedule Chart (484 KB)
Air Brake Troubleshooting Chart (50.6 KB) Mono Leaf Spring Axle Brochure (233 KB)
Airflex Air Ride Suspension Service Manual (1.16 MB) Nev-R-Adjust Electric Brake Brochure (461 KB)
Airflex Axle Brochure (282 KB) Nev-R-Lube Bearing System Brochure (125 KB)
Applications Manual (1.38 MB) Predator DX2 Brake Controller Brochure (464 KB)
Axle Measurement Guide (601 KB) Predator DX2 Wiring Chart (61.2 KB)
Bearing Lubrication Chart (481 KB) Removable Spindle FAQs Brochure (198 KB)
Bearing Replacement Chart (477 KB) Sway Control Brochure (365 KB)
Brake Light Circuit Diagram (73.1 KB) Sway Control Service Manual (1.24 MB)
Brake System Diagram (249 KB) Tire Wear Chart (490 KB)
D44 Leaf Spring Axle Brochure (323 KB) Torflex Suspension System Brochure (139 KB)
Disc Brake Brochure (165 KB) Trailer Brake Types Brochure (195 KB)
DX Series Actuator Brochure (606 KB) Trip Preparation Checklist (486 KB)
E-H Actuator Service Manual (811 KB) Typical Trailer Wiring Chart (104 KB)

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